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Break Free from Your Chronic Busyness and Stress.

Reclaim your Power to Choose!

Are you looking to regain your confidence, overcome your mindset blockers, manage your stress, or boost your performance?

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Hey there, I’m Valerie!

Empowerment coach & cultural agent 

for hyper-achieving Women Entrepreneurs

& Corporate Leaders


Some years ago, I have decided to become the Predominant Creative Force in my life and break free from self-doubt and other patterns of negative thoughts.


That’s how I went from leaving my corporate job, with zero financial and emotional safety net to founding Bubble & Bloom in Shanghai and Lalala & Bloom Ltd. in London, both successful and fulfilling coaching businesses.


I enjoy serving hyper-achieving women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, helping them get back on the ultimate track of personal and professional success.


You don’t have to feel stuck living life overworked, burned out, and in a constant state of busyness. Get clarity on what you’d really love to create, what is standing in your way, and set yourself up to get everything you desire now!


You are already amazing. I just help you remember it, remove resistance, and put the strategies in place so you can step into your sustainable full power. Let’s do it!


The tools

Positive Intelligence

Discover your saboteurs, develop your mental fitness and shift to positive powers.

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Happy For 

No Reason

What if, nothing is able to change your level of happiness?


An inner state of peace and wellbeing that doesn't depend on the circumstances.

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Get ready for your next breakthrough



Learn the unique framework I used to get back on track of personal and professional success in less than a year. 

Imagine if together we make the transformation faster for you. 


Now is your time.

Whether you are looking to regain your confidence, overcome your mindset blockers, manage your stress, or boost your performance

there is something for you.


Coaching Programs


Jumpstart Coaching

Ready to take your journey to the next level?

Check out my Bubbly Intensive Coaching offer to get started.

For women who need a reflecting partner to help them get clarity on the blockers holding them back from the professional & personal life they want to create for themselves.

You get an accurate assessment and debrief on your Saboteurs, you choose what you want to focus on, I’ll guide you through discovery and strategy to craft a bubbly path that feels good and get results.

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Intensive Coaching

It all begins with a desire of hope that things can and will be different for you. Maybe you want to focus on improving your performance, your mental and emotional wellbeing, or your relationships.

Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world.

Whatever it is, you don't have to figure things out alone. Get on a fast path to transformation by working with me as your empowerment coach.


Set into motion the necessary shifts from
“impossible” to “invaluable.”
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