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1- Bubbly you


Confident, Connect & Proficient Leader

The Confidant, Connected and Proficient Leader (CCP) program is based on a simple winning formula:  Mental & Happiness Fitness. 


That is strengthening your capacity to respond to work and life’s challenges with a positive mindset and an inner state of well-being regardless of the circumstances.

Founded on the latest science of Positive Intelligence® and Happiness for No Reason®, this transformative program tackles all resistance and supports you to create more of what you love.

Every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift and opportunity. 

Now is your time. Invest in yourself and become a Confident, Connected and Proficient Leader.

The Situation

Have you ever experienced one of these?

  • What is wrong with me? With you? With the outcome?

  • People are ungrateful. Why don’t they notice or care about what I have done for them?

  • Why can’t anyone keep up with me?

  • If I can’t be outstanding, I won’t bother

  • If I work hard enough, I can and should control the situation so it goes my way

  • I want to trust people but don’t they have their own agenda?

  • This is just too unpleasant. Maybe if I let it go, it’ll take care of itself

  • Why do terrible things always happen to me?

  • If you can’t do it perfectly, don’t do it at all

  • Many people are so irrational and sloppy in their thinking


The Science


Limbic System (Parts of Left Brain)


Motivates you through Negative emotions

(fear, stress, anger, guilt, shame, …)


Might generate success but

NOT happiness.

Middle Prefrontal Cortex (Parts of Right Brain)


Motivates you through Positive emotions

(empathy, curiosity, creativity, passion and purpose)


Generates your highest success and sustained happiness

*Source: Shirzad Charmin,

The Data

Happy employees are 78% more engaged at work**

Cortisol levels

(stress response) are 32% lower in happy people**

Creativity is


with Mental Fitness *

Sleep disorders are 47% higher for people who aren’t happy **

Teams perform

31% Better

with Mental Fitness *

People who feel connected with
are 7X more likely to engage fully in their work **

*Source: Multiple Researchers’ Data – Chapter 1 of Positive Intelligence book and certification training by Shirzad Chamine

**Source: Multiple Researchers’ Data – Happy For No Reason book and certification training by Marci Shimoff

Coachee Transformation


Coachee A - Saboteurs

September 2020


April 2021


Coachee B - Saboteurs

April 2021




The Program

The 3-month mastermind to help you overcome all resistance that has been holding you back from being confident, connected, and proficient.


What you get

  • Premium training: 2h a month (6h in total) on Mental and Happiness Fitness Habits

  • Transformative group coaching: 2 live Zoom calls a month (6h in total)

  • BONUS: Email & Text Support

​       Response promised within 24h business hours so that you never have to be disempowered for very long         and can always be helped back into momentum

  • BONUS: 6 months of free access to the Positive Intelligence App

  • BONUS: 6 weeks of 15-minute daily exercises to drive the shift toward sage responses

  • BONUS: 6x1-hour video to better understand the Saboteurs and engage the Sage Responses


VIP upgrade Option available: 3X 60 minutes private coaching calls


CNY 18,800 - €2450 - £2000


(payment plans available)

Details of the Bubbly Bizness Program
To be continued …
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